Getting your period back! – General Membership – 3 Months



General Membership – 3 Months

€35,00 a month

online coaching
2 chats weekly
1 video-call a month

€35,00 x 3 months = €105,00

Nutrition 101
How you should move!
E-book Getting your period back!
Sleep & stress management
Every month video call
2 days a week chat option

Getting your period back

Losing your period is something you should take seriously. Periods can be very different. Either it came too late in your younger years, vanished in your later years by an eating disorder or fitness or is irregular. We at IAMSTUFFED work with five pillars that will be your base eventually to get your period back or stabilizing it. If all of these are aligned, then your body and mind are at a safe place to get your period back (or stabilizing that). But before you get this package, do remember that:

  • Although food, mindset and exercise can do a lot; it cannot fix everything. Be realistic that your period maybe never can come back with this way (often with complex medical conditions). And that a specialist from a hospital maybe is needed.
  • This package is also fit for ladies with PCOS.

In this package you will have:

  • Every month (based on chosen membership) 60-minute consultations
  • E-book Getting your period back
  • 7 days a week chat option, so you can always ask your questions
  • Training schedule (that will be adjusted overtime for variety; with memberships 6 or 12 months)
  • Nutrition plan adjusted to your taste, religion and values


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