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Influences and problems with the menstrual cycle

Dear readers,

Influences on the menstrual cycle
A menstrual cycle seems so common, but it is actually a very complex event. It can easily get confused, causing you to have your period earlier and then later again. The disruption of certain hormones is the main cause of such irregular periods. A hormonal imbalance can have various causes. Sometimes there is no ovulation at all during the cycle. We then speak of anovulation.
Some reasons for an irregular cycle: stopping the contraceptive pill, thyroid problems, very intensive exercise, a hormonal imbalance and food shortages. The use of certain medicines, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol and drug use are also things that lead to irregular periods.
Menstrual cycle problems
Major irregularities or sudden changes in the cycle may indicate a problem, such as PCOS. With a short menstrual cycle, less than 21 days and a long cycle from 35 days, there may be something wrong, so that you are (temporarily) less fertile and may experience difficulty getting pregnant. In such cases it is better to contact your doctor.
Menstrual cycle and the pill
The birth control pill, or simply called the pill, releases a certain dose of hormones every day. This causes a disturbance of the different phases of the cycle. Ovulation is usually stopped, and the endometrium is rendered unsuitable for the implantation of a fertilized egg. In addition, the cervical mucus (cervical mucus) becomes much thicker. As a result, the sperm cells cannot move through the cervix towards the uterus. If you use the pill correctly, you are not fertile.
There are two different types of birth control pills: the regular birth control pill (combination pill) and the mini pill that is prescribed to breastfeeding women, smoking women over 35, women over 40, and women who are not allowed to use estrogen birth control pills for medical reasons.
Artificial menstrual bleeding from the pill
The combined pill consists of a strip with 21 tablets. One tablet should be taken daily until the strip is empty. A 7-day stop week follows. Day 8 is the start of a new strip. During the stop week, bleeding occurs. This is not actual menstruation, but an artificial withdrawal bleed or withdrawal bleed that results from the sudden drop in hormone levels. A withdrawal bleed usually lasts a bit shorter and is less profuse than a natural period.

Unlike the combination pill, the mini pill, which has a strip of 28 tablets, has no quitting week. You cannot regulate the artificial bleeding yourself, as is the case with the combination pill. There is a kind of menstruation, but you can not really set the clock. Irregular bleeding is a major drawback of the mini pill.



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Why body positivity isn’t always that positive….

Hello readers,

I find it kinda scary to write this. Because such a helpful mindset is going to get some bashing. First is first. Being happy with your body is a good thing and always will be. It’s important to have positive feelings towards your body*.

What I see with a lot of people including myself

I put a little star behind the last sentence, because exactly that shows a problem in my eyes. A lot of people are not connected with their body. It’s like they have their mind and thoughts and the second part is their body. So they are not working with each other, but against each other. For example: ‘I wan’t to be a size (blank) and this stupid body is just heavy and holding me back’.  I had the same, but not size wise. I did everything to get my period back and still I did not get it back. It took 4 years!

Looking back now, I know why. I did everything physically to get it back, but not mentically. It takes these two, to get yourself healthy. And that’s why I find body positivity so good. It learns you to connect the two.

Always being happy with your body…

I think being happy with your body all the time is very unrealistic. For example. Let’s take a pregnant woman. She is happy and proud that she could carry her baby for 9 months. The moment she gave birth and all the months after that are a roller-coaster! She maybe lose hair, have frequent bleedings and maybe she is not that happy with her body doing that. And guess what that’s okey. It could also be with you fitting pants in shop and thinking ‘Aahh why are these pants not looking well on me’. You can have these moments, acknowledge them and move on. Don’t stick with them. I feel that people who want to become body positive, think there’s this rule that you should always be positive. Like ‘unwritten rules’ they make for themselves. This is not your new addiction or coping mechanism. It’s taking the time to get to know yourself, find the positives and hold on to them.

Feeling pressure from the outside world

I am going to give you an example again, but maybe it’s not really the case for you at the moment. What if you had an health influencer. She is totally body positive. Her whole page is about it. This lady is a bit on the heavier side, but for now is healthy. Then there’s a day she heard from her doctor she needs to lose some weight for her blood pressure and eat a bit more healthier. She does, but her followers do not understand. ‘why are you losing weight? I thought you were happy with your body’. It could be the other way around as well. Maybe you have a page as a fitness influencer and you are ripped, but it’s tempering your health. So you need to gain some weight and lose the abs for a while. Choosing to gain weight is the healthy choice at the moment.

They feel pressure from the outside world to look a certain way and be positive about it all the time…

Always choose you and what is best for you. That is being body positive. Having the connection with your body and understanding what it wants. That ‘pressure’ you feel is an assumption you make of people thoughts. And there will always be a group who will try to bring you down, but the group that supports you is always stronger <3

I find it so sad that if people feel that pressure, but understand that you are the most important person in your life.

Certain rules 

Then there is this group of people who make certain rules. about body positivity. You will be only body positive if you do xxx things. Maybe it’s using lotion for your body everyday or working out everyday. Or worse, only yoga is treating your body well… (yickes!).

There are no rules…Period..

If you do something and your body and mind gain strength, happiness or health from it. Go for it!

Much love,