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What I ate (randomly) in the month February

I advice you to do the same! Stay human!



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What I ate in January (randomly photo’s)

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What I ate in the month December

I find it always so strange to look back at my own food. It is something that has become so strange to me, because it’s just food. It is tasty and I move on. I hope for the peeps who are reading this and do struggle with being to fixated on their food, that this can be you to someday :).

So this was my take out moment, that thanks to miss Rona became a more frequent thing in 2020. There’s some Chinese in these bags. I am very closely friends with a fam who has a Chinese restaurant.
In this photo I was explaining to my mom why having a drink with some sweetener is not a bad thing when your cholesterol levels are high. I can drink both without having any mixed feelings. Thank god!
My new love is chocolate spread and I had a little Serrano, but I am not a big fan of salty things. Yes, I have no plate. I am hella lazy with that, but somehow I can wipe the table with alcohol wipes….
My new year food with the fam, thanks to my boss <3.
When there are tomatoes involved, you can bet that I was lazy and did not want to cook. Just like in this pic.
This was for little Dino. He loves his Brussel sprouts!
The addiction is real…
The base
The end product. I just love a salad with somethin crispy in it! This fish a fish schnitzel.
This was the first time for me eating a Big Mac. I was in Belgium when I did.
And it get’s a D or a 4. It was dry and I just cannot understand the hype for a second..
This is my favo. I mostly come to Mcdonalds for the ice cream XD.
I bought chocolates for my friend her birthday, but I needed one to finish my meal whaha oeps..
My regular health check. I always eat at least two pieces of fruit a day and some veggies to keep my health on track.
My bestie made bananabread and I was out of food
That was my first proteinshake in six months
One of my other addictions..
This actually was the base for the wine I was drinking afterwards XD
And this one was nice! Kinda sweet & dry with a hint of melon
Quick meals are my favorite
I just snack on chickpeas from a can. Am I the only one?
Popcorn for me, but also for him 😉
I ate fries at least three times a month. This is however from the airfryer.
One of my favorite peeps gave me this card :’). I adore her mindset and really wish that she get’s all what she wishes for.
My boss made me and my friend thanksgiving dinner. It is do damn cute :’). He does not even celebrate the birth of Jesus. What makes this extra special. It shows that if we care for each other everything is possible.
random snack
My sis is in the USA and misses Surinam food. So she makes some. Good effort ineed!

Me taking out food again haha. Guys I hoped you got some inspo from this or it calmed you down. I ate it all and am still the same. So, no worries!

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What happened after nine months of no strength training?

Well, the photo says it all I believe. That 6 six-pack of desperados is killing me XD. Oké, but now the full story. I started with 9 months of strength training before lockdown after a big time of not doing strength training at all. I did it from 2012 until the end of 2015 and in 2016 I was leaning more and more to boxing. I did this very consciously, because unlike most people; you need to get me out of the gym and not force me into it. I really like it! I like to challenge myself in my strength, see what food can do for a session and in the beginning I liked the esthetic part of it.

At the end of 2016 I chose to leave boxing behind and strength training, because my body could not handle that impact. I am very delicate when it comes to training pressure, I always had that. My mom said that to me way back (something in the family), but I brushed that off. Eventually it did had impact on my menstrual cycle and I lost it. To regain it back again, I did not do any form of exercise for 2,5 years straight, except walking (and some other stuff, that will be available in the E-book about periods). In the summer of 2019 I chose to begin with strength training again after studying to be a NSCA personal trainer. I already had my period for 1,5 years back again. This is a big story, but to keep it short. I already lost it for four years before getting it back. And I lost it, because of high training volumes and changing my food up. Not really because of my weight (in the beginning).

Because of muscle memory, I was able to gain strength relatively quick. The same for muscle gain. I could achieve this with two times a week to the gym and doing full body workouts. Aiming for a hypertrophy range. Sometimes it was three times a week, but I saw my menstrual cycle going bad again. It became lighter, was not on time etc. So I stuck to two times a week.

And then came corona. I hate training @home. I tried it for two times, than during lunges my knee started to hurt insane (took 6 months eventually to go away) and I made the decision to walk again right there. Walking has been my exercise for the past 4 years and I love it more than strength training, simply because it is more practical. I can do it pretty much anywhere. But what happened with my body after stopping with strength training?

Well, the following:

  • less endurance
  • muscle loss (check the photo, I think from the 4 kg’s I lost, at least 1 kg was muscle)
  • back became less wider
  • skin became less tighter
  • strength loss
  • less formed ass

But what did I gained?

  • I got my chest back ( strength training really reduces your breast)
  • I lost weight, I could never do that with weight training (body can crave a lot of food after weight training, mine does)
  • My hormones balanced out (period is regular again and not light)
  • My body is manageable and I am more comfortable in it than with strength training
  • I do not need to time my food around training
  • I look more fit and leaner.

I value the second list more. I like to be not restricted to one sport. I do what feels good. Maybe it will not only be walking next year, but with swimming, strength training or hockey. I did strength training, because I like the strength. But there was a time I did it for the aesthetics. And for the peeps that are reading this and are doing it for this reason, don’t. You do not want to be dependent from a sport for your looks. Never go and do something, because you are not happy with how you look and you want to change yourself. It’s your mindset, not your body you need to change. Or be afraid to loss your gains, sports should be for fun and for challenging yourself. Not for you getting paranoid, because you skipped the gym for a few days and muscle loss is kicking in…..

Think about that. Especially the ladies, because we cannot build that much muscle in comparison with men.

Much love,


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Mental health around food

person holding note with be kind text

I am writing this blog as an addition to my last podcast episode #20 foodshaming. If you haven’t checked that one out, please do. This is going to be a short blog dear, so my apologies if you were expecting a long one. Food is what unite people and not only at parties or the choices we make around food. Even the problems that we face around food unites us. But somehow in society, they divided us…

I have been helping people with weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders and gaining back their periods. All these people face similair problems. Too much movement, low calorie diets, a lot of stress around food, lost a lot of weight or gained a lot of weight back again. Can’t stop binging, restriction from certain foods and so on!

We learned from society that these groups have certain looks, a certain weight and a certain sets of problems. But that is not the case! A person that is overweight also can have habits of restricting and purging, a person who has an eating disorder and relapses faces the same as a person that lose weight and relapses.

We should take each other problems serious and we should be kind to each other. Otherwise, no improvements can be made on all the sides. Be kind and try nog to judge someone situation. And don’t forget for yourself. Your current situation is not your final destination.



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Why are you afraid to let calorie counting go?

Aahh calorie counting. I hate it that consumers have access to this :,). Not because I don’t want them to know. It’s good to gain more knowledge as a person with a goal. Makes the opportunity of succeeding higher. But it comes with a price. Let’s say a mental health price. For my own practice, two months tops of Myfitnesspal is enough!! Not a day more and even less is something I advocate. Get some insight in how much rice weighs per portion, how much oil is a good idea and call it a quits!

I work as a coach at a company and clients that mostly come to me either hate calorie counting, don’t do it completely or got a totally fucked up relationship with food eventually. This last thing is something that a lot of people really do not take seriously when they download Myfitnesspal in the beginning. If you feel anxious, because you can’t eat a meal you cannot track. You have a problem!

If you feel anxious, because the battery of your foodscale broke down. You have a problem. As a person who has been there, I am not afraid to say this. And the amount of suffering it gave, is something I would never like to have for others. People trust the food scale more than themselves !?€@#%!?? It is such a hard habit to get out of your system! So better do it now. You are not a bikinifitness model, you are not on prep and you won’t gain all the weight back!!!!

Especially this last one. This is the whole reason why people can’t stop. “Oohh I found a formula to keep myself forever this way”! Well, I can tell you this. It will not be forever. Maybe you have been struggling for years and years with your weight, but this is not the awnser. It’s a tool for insight in calories. Myfitnesspal is just like a diet. It will work for some time, but will lose it charms in the end. Cuz when you stop following it, depending how you react to it, you could gain some weight back. It’s the lie that everyone tells themselves. That calorie counting is not a diet, well guess what, it is!

So if you stop today, maybe stay the same in weight or gain 2-4 pounds (1-2 kilo). Your real lifestyle change can begin. People who use calorie counting often can calorie count when by themselves. But when getting a partner, being with friends or with your own damn kids later on. The craziness of it, will show. Getting to listen to your body, cravings, making healthy choices and sometimes nibble on something less nutritious and staying in balance. Is the key! You already can do that without that app, millions of people show that everyday. And guess what, your weight will always go up and down (2/4 pounds, 1-2kilo) and that is healthy. People think the scale either needs to go down or stay at the same number for all the weeks of the year……

Start with putting the food scale away. Than only use the app for a while. Challenge yourself to eyeball foods and drinks more. Become more easy with tracking (not specific with macro’s). And let it go. To be honest. This has been a thing for me for so long that I actually really am considering to not even start as a dietitian, because this bugs the shit out of me. It really takes away the joy of my work personally. Because I know that at the end, that people who are using this now are gonna give the biggest tantrums on not letting go. While I never even recommended it, but they start looking for information at the wrong sources or twist your advice…

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How your tastebuds changes when you eat low fat?

Low fat foods, high volume foods and low calorie drinks. All of them taste like heaven when you are dieting down or eating way to less! But when you start eating enough again it taste so dirty…How is that possible?

Well your body is smart, let’s start with that. Just like your metabolism adapts to your calorie intake and becomes lower when you eat less. It can becomes a bit faster when you eat more. The same goes for your tastebuds. They adapt to what is given. If you are used to a lot of salt, your tastebuds expect that. The moment you use less salt, they recognize it and than you add a bit more.

However, you can change the preference and adjust your tastebuds. For example, overtime using less salt makes your tastebuds adapt to it. The same goes with liking low calorie foods. If you go from semi fat milk to low fat milk, you can slowely adapt to that. This is kinda chill, when you are cutting down. Because of the calorie deflict you taste everything better, because again your body is adapting to getting less food. So it makes everything taste more intenser.

This however also has a downside. When in a deep cuttingfase or having an eatingdisorder, these low calorie foods mimic the volume for the stomach capacity, but not the macro- en micronutrients. Keep that in account the next time you think low calorie or low fat foods are healthy. They have a place in a diet, but not for all meal moments

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De fucked up mentaliteit over voeding hedendaags (MUST READ diëtist, eetstoornis patiënt en personal trainer )

Beste lezers,

Als er iets is waar ik blij over ben na acht jaar met voeding bezig te zijn, dan is het dat de kennis van mensen groeit! Ze weten meer over bijvoorbeeld koolhydraatarme diëten, krachttraining, eiwitten, wat goed is voor je cholesterol en proberen ook meer uit. Maar met elk voordeel komt ook zijn nadeel.

Als ik kijk naar de generatie die nog onder de veertig is, dan zie ik bij de mensen die zich bezig houden met hun gezondheid of uiterlijk vaak het volgende:

  • Macronutriënten zijn te belangrijk.

In onze huidige setting is iedereen bezig met Myfitnesspal, IIFYM en of het allemaal wel past in hun budget. Maar hoe zit het met het voeden en verzorgen met je lichaam? En nee, dan bedoel ik niet zo een approach van ”food is fuel to preform”. Maar eten wat je echt lekker vindt! Gewoon eten wat je lekker vindt en niet omdat het binnen in je macro’s past. En vergeet niet de micronutriënten!!!! Je vitamines en mineralen. Leuk dat een kingdeal in je macro’s past, maar wat je lichaam hier allemaal uit gaat halen is zielig weinig.

  • Als iets voor jouw werkt, dan is dat the shit wat iedereen moet gaan proberen.

Als jij goed gaat op een ketogeen- of koolhydraatarm dieet dan is dat prima. Mooi dat dit bij jou past en dat jij dit langdurig kan doen. Maar iedereen is zo uniek! De een heeft meer koolhydraten nodig, de ander meer vet (zoals ik bijvoorbeeld) en de ander kan meer eiwit handelen. Hou hier rekening mee, voordat je dit gaat pushen bij andere.

  • Eiwitten, eiwitten en nog eens eiwitten.

”Ik moet genoeg eiwitten hebben”,  ”Ik moet 180 gram eiwitten per dag”’ en dat je voor het slapen nog maar iets gaat eten. Terwijl je eigenlijk geen trek hebt, maar tja je eiwitten. Afhankelijk met welke “gezonde” visie jij krachttraining bent ingestapt (haat aan je lichaam of juist trainen om sterker te worden en het lichaam wat daarbij komt is meegenomen), is dit wel een opoffering hoor. Naast al dat fosfor, ammoniak en wat nog meer voor je nieren. Geef je ook deels je vrijheid op in wat je wilt eten. Mensen neigen meer naar koolhydraten en vet van nature en zoveel eiwitten hebben we eigenlijk niet nodig…

Als je wel deze keuze maakt voor krachttraining en dit is vooral gebaseerd voor het verkrijgen van uiterlijke kenmerken, oké. Maar werk dan naast je lichaam ook aan je gedachtes en je relatie met jezelf. Want stel dat er iets gebeurt dat je niet meer kan trainen of je moet door omstandigheden stoppen. Vind je jezelf dan net zo leuk zonder spieren, als met?

  • Nep eten (shakes, repen en poeders).

Mits je vier dagen of meer in de sportschool staat, heel veel onderweg bent of top atleet bent: eet echte voeding!!! Dit is je echte brandstof en niet een shake, reep of poeders creatine bijv. Je hebt het vaak niet nodig en zelfs de echte pro’s eten rond de 80% gewoon de basis. Dit is gewoon goede marketing en jij die jezelf misschien zoveel verbiedt, dat je geen snicker meer durf te eten, maar wel een reep van 2,80 met 20 gram eiwitten….

  • Het mag geen calorieën hebben…..

Sauzen calorie vrij, noedels calorie vrij (die glazige Aziatische), fruit met de laagste kcal (want god forbid, dat je een banaan eet…), suikervrij limonade etc. Het erge is, dat als je dit lang genoeg eet, je niet meer weet hoe het echte smaakt en het raar genoeg ook nog lekker gaat vinden. Kijk, een beetje bewust nadenken is prima! Maar met eten verzorg je jouw lichaam. Het is net als crème die jij smeert. Sterker nog, je kan beter goed eten en voldoende water drinken, dan crème smeren. Dus er moet wel degelijk wat energie en vitamines & mineralen jouw kant op!

  • Het moet allemaal biologisch bij sommige.

Een tijdje geleden had ik contact met iemand die alleen biologisch at. In een ideale situatie, ben ik het helemaal mee eens met de persoon. Maar zij zat telkens krap bij kas hierdoor en kon gewoon sommige producten niet kopen, waardoor ze voedingstoffen en calorieën tekort kwam. De voedingstoffen moest ze uiteindelijk weer aanvullen met tabletten. En tja tuurlijk val je af, omdat je zuinig bent met die producten en zwaar onder je behoefte gaat eten en dan tja….

Het niet flexibel zijn, zorgt er juist voor dat je tabletten moet innemen. Terwijl dit met eten opgelost kon worden. Je kwaliteit van leven gaat achteruit. Zoek hier een gezonde middenweg in en begin klein.

  • Te extreme veganisme.

Ik vind dit altijd zo zonde. Het hoeft niet en is onnodig. Te eenzijdig eten, vet vermijden, RAW, HCLF of te gezond eten. Je kan makkelijk gezond en voedzaam veganist zijn met de juiste kennis. Het is jammer dat op YouTube op sommige plekken een soort ”cult” is ontstaan voor sommige stromingen, die ik hierboven beschrijf. Grappige nog, ze zijn ALLEMAAL ONVOLWAARDIG! Een dagje eens eenzijdig eten kan zeker geen kwaad of voor je ontbijt in de zomer veel fruit. Maar consistent hierin is ZEKER NIET de bedoeling.

Geen veganist eet hetzelfde. Ook hier geldt dat de een beter gaat op meer koolhydraten, de andere meer vet en de andere meer eiwitten nodig heeft om goed vol te zitten.

  • Eten moet alles kunnen.

Het moet je spieren geven, energie geven, vitamines en mineralen, je vruchtbaarheid behouden/teruggeven, je helpen met je eetstoornis en misschien wel sommige ziektes zoals kanker en artrose verminderen. Het is net zoals dat voorbeeld wat ik hiervoor gaf. Mensen gaan alleen nog maar eiwitrepen eten i.p.v. een candybar, omdat voeding altijd wel “nut” moet hebben voor je lijf. En de waarheid is: ETEN KAN ZOVEEL VOOR JE DOEN! Anders was ik namelijk nooit diëtist geworden. Maar we koppelen als society zoveel dingen eraan, wat vaak nog niet wetenschappelijk bewezen is. En daarmee geef je sommige voedingsmiddelen een bepaalde reputatie en geef je mensen valse hoop. Niet chill. En met dat van de eiwitreep. Als je een goede basis hebt is dat niet nodig (mits je het gewoon lekker vindt natuurlijk), want soms lijkt het hedendaags alsof het uit ten boze is om iets te eten wat “nutteloos” is.

Het is dan te vet, te zout, te zoet, te weinig voedingstoffen en dan nog calorierijk. Dit kan prima af en toe. Iets kleins op de dag (koekje) of soms wat groters door de weeks (patatje). Zelfs het Voedingscentrum (onafhankelijk orgaan) geeft aan dat dit in een gezond voedingspatroon valt, als jij een goede basis behoudt.

En dat het dan eens wat minder voedzaam is en dat het niet een fysieke functie heeft, maar gelukkig wel een mentale functie heeft. Moet je misschien dan voor lief nemen ;).

Er zijn misschien nog wel meer dingen die mij zijn opgevallen, maar deze sprongen eruit. Wat is jou opgevallen? En heb jij ook petpeeves? Let me know!



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What I ate in the month June

Dear readers,

I have not posted a blog about this for such a long time! So I might as well now. This has been food from the month June. I must say, I see a lot of veggies in these pictures, but I did not ate enough veggies by any means. So don’t let that fool you!

  I loved these cookies when I was a little girl! Nowadays they are not that ‘WOW’.

My friend gave me ”ME” as a cake for my birthday. Iconic print if you ask me.

This cake was done in 3 days with my fam!

Random food, I think it’s tuna.

Salad is my main food, cuz it’s easy and divers!

Random leftovers (chickpeas, tuna and some cucumber and tomatoes)

Alwayssss salad!

Some tea with a good friend and a great egg/salmon BLT (that I forgot to take a picture of) I cooked since ages and made a vegan curry.

Salmon, chickpeas and tomatoes

My doggo’s are living the life with salmon, veggies and pate (real bro meal)

Salmon, potatoes from the air-fryer and leftover chickpeas. As you can see I ate some Salmon this past month. Out with a friend and some appetizers.

This is something that I eat twice a weak for the past year or so. Eggs and whole wheat bread or lit! I am not a fan of boiled eggs, but a sunny-side up is always my jam.

Salad with Turkish cheese!

Cuz I make shitty pictures. :’) But we had some crazy ass good cakes with discount.

Salad for mom and me (always use tuna in oil).

My first time eating pizza without cheese….by accident. We got some free wine as an apology from the waiter. While I am writing this, we just finished one box of mango’s. Really these either are super good or super bad. One of my favorites to eat.

Kumpir, this is a beast of a meal and #TBH I love it. I wish I could finish it, but crazy heavy.

Can wake me up for eggs, always.

After not eating any type of veggies and feeling awful for the pas 3 days, I chose to eat a side salad during lunch. I always feel so low after not eating veggies for a day. So 3 days were too much!

So cute, but my boss always hooks my up with food. Even when I am visiting or sit at the bar. He always makes sure I have some veggies in the meal as a dietitian XD. Thank god I always jump in to help when I am visiting. Otherwise I would feel so guilty.

And last meal, was a meal made of scratch! 2 whole eggs, one egg-white, brown rice and a lot of lettuce mixed with veggies. Keeping the veggie game a bit higher upcoming days.

What’s your favorite dish? Let me know in the comments!



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Why your eating disorder is a coping mechanism

Dear readers,

Your eating disorder is a coping mechanism. There I said it and I bet that you may have heard that before. Either in therapy or some other blog you read. It’s a good thing to understand as a person suffering from an eating disorder that this is the case for you. But also for people who are trying to help you (dietitian and general practitioners).

Maybe it’s a good thing to define the word coping first, because we all use it so easy. So in the Cambridge dictionary coping is defined as ’to deal successfully with a difficult situation‘. There is something damn funny about this definition. Because most people who have healthy coping habits, can successfully deal with difficult situations. But if you choose your self destructing habits, you can often fool yourself that this is the right thing to do.


the thing is, they come in different sizes. But you can choose to use them or to let them be. You do not always need to do what your thoughts tell you to do. For thousands of years eating disorders have been around. Princes Sissi and the Swedish princes Victoria had them and there’s is nothing to be ashamed about. You should however be active in teaching yourself better coping mechanisms. Here’s a list with bad types of coping. The assignment for you is to see which one or ones you use and be creative with replacing them with new coping ways.

For example: I always smoke when I am nervous > coping is smoking > If I am nervous I will do a little sprint of 30 seconds to relive the tension.

Bad coping mechanism:

  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol
  • drinking fizzy drinks
  • chewing gum
  • too much exercise
  • cutting yourself
  • not eating or little eating
  • eating way too much
  • eating lollipops or having toothpicks in your mouth non-stop.

Not everyone with these coping mechanisms have eating disorders. But it all comes down to one thing: FACE WHAT YOU FEEL.

Hope this helps,